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Proud Palau - Olympic Opening Ceremony


London 2012’s Opening Ceremony celebrated England’s past, present and future, showing the change of time through the industrial and digital revolutions. Engaging the English audience and providing a unique history lesson for the rest of the world.


Palau entered the stadium led by the flag bearer Rodman Teltull, who was dressed in his ceremonial clothing similar to that of Prince Lee Boo’s English suit. The audience cheered as they were announced whilst the athletes and team members waved to the crowd and waved their flags.






The story of Prince Lee Boo linking the United Kingdom and the proud nation of Palau is a unique connection, making Palau stand out, they embraced and shared their heritage on this world stage.


Palau and Britain’s relationship dates back to 1783, when East India Company’s packet ship ‘Antelope’ under the command of Captain Henry Wilson, was shipwrecked on a reef near Ulong, a Rock Island located between Koror and Peleliu, Palau. With the assistance of Koror’s High Chief Ibedul, Captain Wilson and his men stayed for three months to rebuild his ship. Palau’s Prince Lee Boo later went to England with Captain Wilson, where he fell to smallpox six months after their arrival and is buried at St. Mary’s Rotherhihte.